Our Pack Calendar for this year…

2017-2018 Pack 303 Calendar DRAFT 20170826

  • Note:  This year’s calendar is subject to revision, the website Google calendar should have the latest information available.

Volunteer Opportunities…


New!  Adventure and Insignia Summaries printable on one 2-sided sheet! (2 pg pdf files)

One Page Summaries of Adventure Loops & Pins (PDFs for each rank, Excel for all ranks)

Other Miscellaneous Pack Documents…

Pack 303 e-mail privacy policy

Pack 303 maintains e-mail addresses of all scouts and adults in the pack. These addresses will not be shared with anyone outside the pack. Pack leadership will use them for official pack communication only. All communication will lead with “Pack 303”. They will not be shared for any non-pack purposes, including solicitation for pack members’ businesses. In order to protect the privacy of these addresses, they should only be used in the “blind cc” or “bcc” line of any e-mail, so the addresses are not visible to the recipients of the e-mail.

Pack 303 Internet privacy policy

Pack 303 will not print the first and last names together for any scouts, or any addresses or phone numbers of scouts. We will print first name and last initial. We may print names, addresses, and phone numbers of adults for contact purposes, unless the adult requests we don’t do this.

We will not print e-mail addresses of any adults (leaders excepted) without their permission. The e-mail links on the web-site are set up to send to the domain. These messages are then forwarded to the individuals e-mail. This is done to prevent visibility of the individual private e-mail address.