Youth Awards

As of June 1, 2015 Cub Scouts has adopted an exciting new Adventure program which replaces the previous system of advancement.  Some further details can be found by following this link and a high level summary by rank is listed below.

  • Bobcat Badge
  • Tiger Adventure Loops (6 required plus 1 elective)
  • Wolf Adventure Loops (6 required plus 1 elective)
  • Bear Adventure Loops (6 required plus 1 elective)
  • Webelos Adventure Pins (5 required plus 2 elective)
  • Arrow of Light Adventure Pins (4 required plus 3 elective)

There are other awards and recognition available within the Cub Scout program, many of which are explained on the Northern Star Council website linked here…

Some of these additional awards include the following…

  • Heroism Awards
  • Religious Emblems
  • Summertime Awards
  • Whittling Chip: To carry a pocket knife.
  • World Conservation Award


 Adult Leader Awards

  • Tiger Leader
  • Den Leader (Wolf/Bear)
  • Webelos Leader
  • Cub Scouter
  • Cubmaster
  • Pack Trainer
  • Adult Religious
  • Youth Religious (Wear if earned as a youth)
  • James West Fellowship
  • Community Organization
  • George Meany
  • Whitney Young
  • Vale Le Pena
  • Asian Spirit
  • William T. Hornaday
  • Silver World
  • International Scouter
  • William D. Boyce
  • BSA Speaker Bank
  • Philmont Training Master
  • Medal of Merit
  • Heroism Award
  • Honor Medal
  • Arrow Of Light (Wear if earned as a youth)
  • Eagle Scout (Wear if earned as a youth)