Pinewood Derby! | Sat, Jan 27 | 8:15-11:30am | Holy Family High School- Victoria

  Pack 303 Pinewood Derby Race at Holy Family High School in Victoria

  Saturday, January 27th, 2018  |  8:15-11:30am

Race Day Schedule:

            • Rank                    Check In              Race     
              Webelos II            8:15am                   8:30am
              Webelos               8:40                        8:55
              Bear                     9:05                        9:20
              Wolf                     9:30                        9:45
              Tiger                    9:55                       10:10
              Lion                    10:20                      10:35
              Pack Finals!                                       11:00
            •  Lake Minnetonka District Rules we follow should be posted at the following link>> 2018PinewoodDerbyRules
            • Cars are allowed to use graphite or oil-based lubricants.
            • If you use graphite please note the application of extra graphite is not allowed the school building.  Please apply any graphite prior to coming to the school.
            • Oil-based lubricants include products such as Krytox 100 and Nyoil.  Please use only a very small amount, application tips can be found online.
            • Awards will be presented following each race. Please go to the awards table following the end of your race.
            • The scale at the check-in table will be the official scale. When the car is ready, the Scout can bring it to the official table for check in and decide by the weight whether it is ready. Once the car has been checked in, it will no longer be available to the racer for adjustments.
            • There should be a practice track setup by Pack 330 at Holy Family High School on Saturday, January 20th from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm for any Scout wishing to test his car. There should be a scale and tools to help prepare the cars.
            • Top 2 finishers from each rank advance to the Pack Finals at 11am.
            • Top 3 finishers from each rank are encouraged to attend District finals in April…  more info here>> Link to District Finals Page
            • If you would like assistance building a car (tools, tips, etc) a pack leader can help.
            • Contacts: Kevin Walsh, Mark Felton, Brian Edds


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