There are two primary methods to register youth for Cub Scouting:  Hard copy registration forms and online registration.

1. Hard Copy Registration

You may register for Scouting by completing a hard copy form and turning it in to anyone on the Pack leadership team.  There are separate applications for youth and adults.  You only need to complete an adult application if you are volunteering in a leadership capacity such as Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader.  Hard copy registration forms (youth & adult) may be obtained from either the Committee Chair or Cubmaster.

2. Online Registration

Online registration is also available for youth applications (to be completed by an adult).  Adult registration is not currently available online.  The link below should take you directly to a registration page for Pack 303.

Register Youth for Pack 303 Online Application

The general registration website for all of Cub Scouting is below.


Registration fees for youth are $44.  Also, an optional subscription to Boys’ Life (a magazine for Cub Scout youth) is $16.  So if you would like to register and subscribe to Boys’ Life the total amount due should be $60.  Costs are the same whether you register via hard copy form or online.

There are no fees associated with adult registrations.

For hard copy registrations payment via check is preferred (payable to Cub Scout Pack 303).  Online registrations should ask for credit card information.